June 29 Notes - Dr Hild Chapter 23 Notes Imperialism •...

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Unformatted text preview: June 29, 2009 Dr. Hild Chapter 23 Notes Imperialism • Posse of territorial expansion (1890s) Before 1890 inside North American continent Now territories overseas • Alfred Thayer Mahan o US industrial greatness, growing Navy ⇒ international commerce o Military navy to protect merchant ships ⇒ establish naval bases around the world ⇒ sphere of influence o Blueprint for imperialism • Josiah Strong (author, minister) o Christian missionary angle ⇒ Anglo-Saxon influence to convert 1890s • Hawaii – 1893 sugar planters owned land in Hawaii – McKinley tariff almost ruined economy of planters – overthrew queen of Hawaii, wanted to be annexed • Cleveland refused to annex Hawaii until 1898 bc Japan sent war ships Spanish American War fought over Cuba Bought from Spain $20 million Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam Attempted revolution in Cuba – 1895 – liberation of Cuba brought us into war • Teller Amendment – would not annex Cuba after Spanish American war (independence) • Protectorate of US – could not sign treaty with any other country without the approval of the US ⇒ resentment against US • Philippines – Emilio Aquinaldo – leader of resistance movement in Philippines • Spain overthrown, US took control, Aquinaldo turned on US • 3 year Philippine insurrection 1898-1901 – never declared war in Philippines • 200,000 philippinos dead. 5,000 US dead • Philippine involvement and Spanish American war was McKinley’s legacy • 1 st US territory beyond North American continent • Vice Presidents were not prominence in era • Roosevelt became president at age 42 (youngest) • Imperialism and expansionist president • Panama Canal completed Roosevelt’s mission...
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June 29 Notes - Dr Hild Chapter 23 Notes Imperialism •...

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