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Election 2000 by Cnn

Election 2000 by Cnn - who they really voted for because of...

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Election 2000 by Cnn Close election: Florida was the deciding factor No one knew how election would end up 2 in the morning Bush was notified he was the winner Al Gore called and congratulated Bush on his election. Gore contracted his concession. Believed he won FL. Still unknown. Took 36 days to figure out who was winner Bush stayed out of spotlight to make Gore look like he was desperate to have ballots recounted. Voters were very emotional when the ballots were recounted because they were unsure of
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Unformatted text preview: who they really voted for because of alignment Hand counted 1% of FL ballots. Then decided to count 100% November 26. The Winner would be announced. Following rules or maneuvering around rules Voters convinced that with the recount it would be fraud Katherine Harris, Secretary of State announced outcome of hand-counted vote Bush is finally declared winner. Gore could not let his loss go. Wanted a hand recount of two counties...
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