Chapter 4 Social Theories

Chapter 4 Social Theories - Chapter 4 Social Theories...

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Chapter 4 Social Theories Constructivism Social Theories: rely on social interaction to explain individuals’ and states’ preferences. Contrast with assumption of fixed preferences in theories based on realism and individualism Constructivism : lessons about the nature of norms, identity and social interactions Identities and Ideals Matter Constructivism interested in definition of national interests, threats to interest, relationships to one another, “popularity” among other states a) examines how states’ interests and identities are intertwined, shaped Socialization: over time, states conceptualize in way no danger of security dilemma Realists believe in logic of consequence and constructivist scholars believe in logic of appropriateness Developing states chose to spend limited resources on certain projects to appear “modern” to the international community Postmodernism Postmodernism: broad approach to scholarship that has left its mark on various academic disciplines, esp. literature No single objective reality but a multiplicity of experiences and perspectives that defy easy categorization See nothing objective about state interests Seek to “deconstruct” such constructions as states, the international system, associated stories and arguments. Subtext: the hidden meaning not explicitly addressed in the text (omissions) Marxism Theory that both IR and domestic policies arise from unequal relationships between economic classes. Marxism: branch of socialism, where more powerful classes oppress and exploit less powerful by denying them their fair share of surplus they create. Class struggle: oppressed try to gain power to seize more wealth Lenin (founder of the Soviet Union): revolution in state unlikely. Argued that European
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Chapter 4 Social Theories - Chapter 4 Social Theories...

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