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Review - UN World Court WTO change of IOs Law of reform of...

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Review 40 mc, 1 bonus * War, Conflicts - Why War?? * causes at several levels - Different types of war - Various kinds of conflicts * differences - Current wars/conflicts - Major flash points * why some areas have more conflict?? - Role of nationalism * Military Force - Branches of a military force - Use of force - Military technology and key weapons - Strategies and doctrines * MAD - WMD * Non-proliferation - Terrorism - Arms control and reduction efforts * key treaties and regimes * IO’s, International Law/norms - IO’s
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Unformatted text preview: * UN, World Court, WTO * change of IOs: Law of reform of the Security Council * IGO’s and NGO’s - Key components of international law * UNLOS * War Crimes- Norms - International Law vs. Domestic Law- Human rights * Trade- Basics: * Surplus vs. Deficit * Trade Issues: monopoly, dumping, IPRs- Trade theories and ideologies * why trade? * liberalism vs. mercantilism * Free trade vs. protectionism- why protect- how to protect- Trade Regimes * WTO, various rounds of negotiations * free trade blocs...
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