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Work Sheet Take Home - Jonathan Michael Lindle Do We Need...

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Unformatted text preview: Jonathan Michael Lindle Do We Need Biotechnology?- Worksheet David Morris 12/7/11 1. E+P= .7, 3.0 E+B= 1.1, 2.6 P+B= .4, 3.3 E+B+P= .4, .7, 2.6 2. You would frst analyze the clones in the initial starch plate looking at the microbe ʼ s ability to degrade starch. This is determined by a clear halo surrounding the original strain within the original starch plate. You would then collect the isolates, From the initial starch plate, that display the ability to degrade starch and transFer them to plates oF MacConkey ʼ s Agar, Starch, and Extra Starch using a grid system and toothpicks, ensuring that each hole corresponds to 1 and only 1 bacteria. AFter you incubate the new plates For 48 hours you would analyze the cloned sets oF microbes and analyze the results. MacConkey ʼ s Agar indicates iF the bacterial strain is gram negative. The other plates will indicate the bacteria ʼ s ability to degrade starch, whether there is a clear halo surrounding them or not. ¡urthermore, this indicates that the plasmids oF the bacillus Fused with E.Coli and passed on their ability to digest starch by enabling E.Coli to release enzymes that are able to break down starch. Lindle 1 The results from the plates would indicate if the bacteria was gram negative, which could be dangerous to the population, and the starch plates indicate the amplitude to which each strain can digest starch. 3. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)- Essentially, they analyze and screen the embryo of someone in the very early stages of pregnancy for any sort of disease of disability. Say for example Sally just got pregnant with her husband Jim, but they are both Ashkenazi jews. They are worried that their baby might have Tay-Sachs Disease and therefore they go on to get a PGD. The doctor would be able to screen for that disease as well as other defects before the implantation phase of pregnancy even occurs. Gene Therapy- Is the action of correcting a defective or missing gene, typically those that are responsible for disease development. Usually, a vector must be used to carry healthy and therapeutic DNA to the host cell. The most widespread method is made possible by genetically altered viruses that act as vectors. This then delivers that desired DNA which then gets encoded into the genome. An example, and it may be viewed as a negative example, is HIV. HIV is a retrovirus, which means that it is a virus that can create double stranded DNA copies of their RNA genome. The DNA copies are then integrated into into the host cell ʼ s chromosomes. The active use of gene therapy is used to improve, however HIV, for all intensive purposes, is gene therapy– it ʼ s just not an intentional occurrence....
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Work Sheet Take Home - Jonathan Michael Lindle Do We Need...

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