modular relationships

modular relationships - MODULAR RELATIONSHIPS(TOFFLER...

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MODULAR RELATIONSHIPS (TOFFLER) Futurist Anticipate the direction things are going “Future Shock” – written about 40 years ago The future he was trying to predict is the present “The 4 th Wave” Predicitng the role computers would play Electronics weren’t around then, now they’re everywhere People would be connected, people would work at home Modularity US would see a greater shift from small towns to urbanization/suburbanization More people living in more populated areas You know more people and encounter more people But you know them less well How we know them is more limited Increase in modular relationships Ex: Computer can be plugged into outlet to be used We interact with a lot of people, but they are modular, or functional Bank teller, hair stylist, oil change See them and interact, but don’t know them on a personal level No personal communication – get in, get out
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Sex can be seen as modular Premarital sex Physical knowledge of other, but no psychological knowledge
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modular relationships - MODULAR RELATIONSHIPS(TOFFLER...

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