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Hungary - 1946 free elections - Ferenc Nagy, speaker of National Assembly, elected PM - Nagy resists attempts by Communist party to take over government (CP only won 17% of vote) - Amid violent campaign against Nagy’s smallholders party and following kidnapping of son, he resigns - new elections held – cp get 19% of vote, but is largest single gp in parliamanet Poland - Stalin agreed there would be a coalition govt in Poland after war - PM Osobka – Morawski (PM of Lublin cmte govt) Dep PMs were Gomulka (dedicated commie) and Stanislaw Mikolajcyzk of polish govt in exile in London Mikolajcyzk revives polish peoples party which becomes biggest party
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Unformatted text preview: Bulgaria - Petkov, leader of opposition Agrarian Party accused of plotting coup, sentenced to death Truman never explicitly approves document – broad outlines of NSC-68 guide Truman administration USSR Driven by new fanatical faith antithetical to US Seeks to improve its authority over the rest of the world Therefore conflict is endemic to systems and will be waged by violence as means NSC-68 Conclusion: Any further extension of area under Kremlin control would raise possibility that no adequate coalition would stop USSR...
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