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BUSH - GEORGE W BUSH Before Prep to campaign Condelezza...

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GEORGE W. BUSH Before September 11, 2001 Prep to campaign – Condelezza Rice – 5 central themes F. P. Jan/Feb 2000 Ensure US military can deter war, project power, fight in defense of US interests Promote economic growth and political openness by extending free trade and stable international monetary system Renew strong relationship with allies who share US vales Focus on comprehensive relationships with big powers, particular Russia + PRC, that can mold character of international political system Deal decisively with threat of rogue regimes and hostile powers (terrorism and WMDs singled out for mention) During campaign Bush team espoused a realism Promises: humble foreign policy with moral clarity Criticized Clinton: too interventionist – US troops used round world for nation building o US troops are over-extended Seeks reduced involvement in nation-building But in 1999 had supported Clinton’s use of force in Kosovo. Refused to set deadline for force removal. Concerned Clinton went from crisis to crisis o Promises: steadier leadership, better focus Proposes withdrawal of US ground forces from peacekeeping in Balkans o US troops in Bosnia Advocates refocusing on neighborhood – stronger political and economic relationship with Latin America o Supports NAFTA signed by Clinton in 1992 Russia: o Supports cutting off aid during Chechen war o Sees China and Russia as competitors, not adversaries McCain sees Putin as “ruthless, ex-Communist apparatchik” Bush: It’s too early to tell. Seek to re-build strained relations Peoples Republic of China o Argues: US relationship with Beijing is “going to change from one of strategic partner to one of competitor, but competitors can find areas of agreement, such as in trade” Permanent normal trade relations Supports PRC entry to WTO Supports defense of Taiwan if attacked National Missile Defense Signals preference for prompt deployment of National Missile Defense o Since 1983 many on right push for SMD o Tempo increase with Republican control of House 1994, Senate 1996
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o Speaker of House, Gingrich gets legistlation calling for deployment by a certain date Loopholes in law allow indefinite postponement o July 23, 1999: Clinton had set 4 criteria for missile defense: Threat Cost Tech performance Adherence to ABM Treay as renegotiated Bush assumes Presidency January 2001 Little Foreign Policy experience Has experience team: o Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld Cheney worked for Rumsfeld late 1960s in Office of Economic Opport Powell: 4 star general Rice: Professor of Political Science, National Secretary of State Rumsfeld: Navy pilot, Member House of Representatives o But Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld associated with gp known as “neocons” Many hold influential positions Neoconservative Critical of post Cold War US Foreign Policy of GhwB and Clinton Opposed reduced military expenditure Contended US Foreign Policy o
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