LO-10 Truman - Truman LO-10 Soviet Predispositions at Close...

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Truman LO-10 Soviet Predispositions at Close of WW II Geography Absence of natural barriers – highest mountain 1640 m Result: numerous invasions Cumans 11 th C Mongols 13 th C Swedes 13 th C Teutonic Knights 13 th C Lithuanians 14 th C Crimean 15 th C Poles 17 th C French 19 th C Germans 2x 20 th C History Fear of invasion results in obsession for security Quest for security – gave rise to tolerance for absolutism & subordination of individual to well-being of state To protect the state and enforce its authority – supreme instrument of coercion emerged –the secret police Tsars – secret chancellery of the Monarchy After revolution – MVD/KGB Sense of Uniqueness Led to messianic & proselytizing outlook of Russia as “Third Rome,” Constanitinople fell 1453 leaving Russia as most powerful Orthodox Chistian Staet Two Romes have fallen, proclaimed a Russian monk in 1510 to Tzar Vasili III, the emporor is the rightful ruler of Christian World Slavophile rejection of Western cultural ties
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After Revolution: sense of uniqueness manifest in notion of communism as Expansion seen as best defense And belief: no such thing as too little military power Ideology Long before Marxism, Russian state was largest landowner, factory owner, employer, etc Long before Lenin: Russians accustomed to unquestioned submission to leader At the End of WW II Russian geography, history, & ideology resulted in very different outlook With advent of communism in 1917, Moscow became spontaneously hostile to West. By end of WW II, Stalin Remembered allied intervention in Russian Revolution (1917-1920) Sought opening of western front in 1943 Remember that USSR carried much of the burden of war (turn around at Kurst – July 1944) Likewise, West hostile to Soviet Union Appalled at Nazi-Soviet Pact: Aug 1939 Truman – Jun 1941: “If we see that Germany is winning the war we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany and in that way let them kill as many as possible.” During war, Churchill concerned about post-War world At Casablanca, January 43 calls for Anglo-American drive up thru Austria Before 2 nd Quebec Conference 1944 US War Dept forecast SU as dominant power in Eur.
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LO-10 Truman - Truman LO-10 Soviet Predispositions at Close...

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