LO-11 Eisenhower-Dulles

LO-11 Eisenhower-Dulles - Eisenhower Dulles LO-11 Elections...

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Eisenhower – Dulles LO-11 Elections of 1952 Eisenhower No substantial disagreements on F.P. w/ Truman Wants to preclude isolationism/fortress America reflected Robert A Taft Concerned that Truman’s domestic policies leading to socialism Fears for Demo System if Demo Party in Power for 20 years Sees free enterprises and trade as a means of preserving and advancing democracy Eisenhower- Dulles A match of different approaches Dulles A lawyer, efficient, methodical, careful, forceful, ambitious, self-righteous Though it was once said, “There was never any world situation so bad that a few well-chosen words from John Foster Dulles couldn’t make it a hundred times worse.” Eisenhower A military officer, keen sense of strategy, skillful politician, and behind the scenes leader But not particularly articulate John Foster: Dulles Secretary of State: Author of the Republican Party Platform Reflected Party Mbr concern that Truman had gone soft on Communism o Complained Truman’s “treadmill policies” that kept us in the “same place until we dropped” o Saw containment as “futile and immoral” o Advocated Rollback – “liberation” of captive peoples in E.E.
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Eisenhower (Ike) – Dulles F.P. guided by 4 basic concepts 2 guiding principles 4 Basic Concepts Rejection of Fortress America Rejection of Truman’s Europe First Policy US Involved in a Zero-sum competition w/ USSR Win anywhere + win everywhere (Like NSC-68) No further victories for communism could be tolerated Any victory would result in a triple defeat Lose potential ally Give implacable enemy a new recruit Adverse impact on minds of neutrals Diversity But concept could not extend to puppet regimes subservient to Moscow
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LO-11 Eisenhower-Dulles - Eisenhower Dulles LO-11 Elections...

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