LO-12 Kennedy-Johnson

LO-12 Kennedy-Johnson - Kennedy/Johnson And Flexible...

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Unformatted text preview: Kennedy/Johnson And Flexible Response LO-12 Situation Campaign in 1960: “I think there is a danger that history will make a judgment that these are the days when the tide began to run out” …” when the communist tide began to run in.” • Foreign and Security policies built on concept of MR • But Commies suppress anti-Communist revolts in E.E. Berlin 53, Hungary 56 • US seemed to be losing Cold War to growing Soviet influence around the world – Asia, Cuba • 1949-1960 new nations many coming under increasing influence of commies • China more aggressive towards ROC : 1954, 1958 – shells Quemoy, Matsu Islands • Major instabilities in post-colonial counties – by 1958 - 28 prolonged insurgencies • Nasser buys arms from CZ ; 1955 • Oct 1956 Egypt declares Suez nationalized • Continued Soviet sponsored aggression around world • In 3 rd world, Korea, V.N. , Cuban missile crisis - 1962 • Prospects for an attack on Berlin • 2 nd Berlin Crisis / Sov threaten to end 4 power agreement– Wall in 1961 • Growth of Neutral and Non-Aligned Countries in 3 rd world (Bandung Conf 1955) • Bandung Conf 1955 – 34 African/Asian nations, including PRC • Sputnik – 1957, 1958 tested world’s 1 st ICBM • Growing Sov Nuclear caps • Growing Sov bomber forces, IRBMs, ICBMs, subs, etc • Continued frictions w/China over Taiwan • Prospects of Chinese nuclear caps Modifiers • Kennedy learns – no missile gap • Whiz kids calc balance not bad in Europe Kennedy Concerns • Bal of Power fragile (over sharp fulcrum)...
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LO-12 Kennedy-Johnson - Kennedy/Johnson And Flexible...

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