LO-13B AFP Arms control

LO-13B AFP Arms control - LO-13BProblems of Arms...

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Unformatted text preview: LO-13BProblems of Arms ControlProblems:Problem of DefinitionProblem of ObjectiveProblem of Threat ComparabilityProblem of Force ComparabilityProblem of VulnerabilitiesProblem of VerificationProblem of Technological ChangeProblem of SanctionsProblem of Definition•Addresses: What military forces should be considered?•SALT/START: What forces are strategic forces–BMs of What range? What about FBS/FOBS?–Bombers? What range? Refueling? Recovery on Periphery?–CMs: On Subs (SLCMs)? On Aircraft (ALCMs)?–Are defensive forces (ABMs, warning systems) strategic?–For MBFR–What military forces on the European continent should be include?–Conventional: manpower, combat units, equipment–Nuclear: aircraft, weapons–From what countries?–C.E./NGA: Benelux + FRG v GDR + Po + CZ (Hungary)–How about forces outside NGA or in W. Military districts of Soviet Union?Problem of Objective•Addresses: What should be expected in terms of the goals of negotiations (I.e what should be pursued as desired ends.(I....
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LO-13B AFP Arms control - LO-13BProblems of Arms...

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