LO-14Ex AFP Carter - Carter-Brzezinski-Vance 1977-1981...

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Carter-Brzezinski-Vance 1977-1981 LO-14 SITUATION Negotiations with Soviet Union during the under Nixon-Kissinger/Ford years were somewhat successful Interim Agreement Agreed Based on strategic BM launchers capable of distances from NE US bored to NW USSR border Fixed based launchers under construction may be completed No significant increase in test or training launchers Common understandings Parties agree that significant increase in Silo dimensions NGT 10-15% Standing consultative commission established to work out problems Unilateral statements US Seeks more complete limitations Considers deployment of land-mobile ICBM launches inconsistent with agreement Regrets USSR not willing to agree to definition of heavy ICBMs USSR: if any increase in NATO BM launchers, USSR retains right to increase its capabilities SALT I Interim Agreement on Strategic Offensive Arms (1972) ABM Treaty (1972) Two AMB sites permitted One for capital One for ICBM silos 2 sites must be at least 1300 kms apart (no national coverage) Ea. W-100 interceptors, 100 launchers No development, test, or deploy ABM systems or components which are sea-based, air-based, space-based, or mobile land-based 1974 protocol Reducded # to one site each USSR: Moscow US: Grand Forks, ND (deactivated in 1976) No interference with NTMs of detection Review every 5 years Right to withdraw
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CSCE Final Act 1975 Basket 1: Questions relating to Security in Europe Territorial integrity CBMs On Maneuvers 25K, 21 day prior notification On Troop movements: exchange observers, prior notice of major movement optional Non-intervention in internal affairs Peaceful settlements of disputes Basket 2: Co-operation in the Field of Economics, of Science and Technology and of the Environment Commerical exchanges of economics and commercial information Industrial co-op Basket 3: Questions relating to Security and Co-operation in the Human contacts, information sharing, cultural and educational contacts Basket 4: Follow-up conference But , Many felt: Global military balance shifting SALT Interim Agreement froze #, but SU perceived as vastly improving caps Strategic Systems US: 2 new systems MM III (MIRV) Poseidon (SLBM) (up to 14 MIRVs within 65” diameter) USSR: 8 new &/or updated ICBMs, 2 new SLBMs Backfire bombers
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LO-14Ex AFP Carter - Carter-Brzezinski-Vance 1977-1981...

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