LO-15 AFP Reagan

LO-15 AFP Reagan - Ronald Reagan 1981-1988 LO-15 General...

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Ronald Reagan 1981-1988 LO-15 General Despite carters interests in reducing the perceived US-SOV strat and eur imbalance of arms Despite Carter’s interest in reducing the conventional arms trade Despite Carter’s desire to restore American power, influence, prestige in 3 rd world and elsewhere, seemed to be slipping Situation Continued Soviet Arms Build-up Perceptions that imbalance had grown worse Increasing conventional arms trade American prestige seemed to be slipping In Southwest Asia Iran – fall of the Shah + hostage crisis (11/04/79) Failed rescue mission Afghanistan - Dec 1979 Soviet Invasion In Africa, e.g. Angola – since independence from Portugal – 1975 Soviet equipment 12K Cuban troops to help MPLA Ethiopia – 1977-78, Sov Equipment, 17,000 Cuban soldiers Namibia – Since 1966 SWAPO
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(SW African Peoples Organization) w/ Cuban and Sov support In Asia, e.g. Philippines /Marcos New People’s Army Moro National Liberation Front In Western Hemisphere Nicaragua – Sandinistas take control 1979 El Salvador Farabundo Marti Popular Liberation Forces (FMLN since 1970) Guatemala since 1960s EGP – Guerilla Army of the Poor ORPA – Revolutionary Organization of Armed People FAR – Rebel Armed Forces PGT – Guatemalan Labor Party Grenada – 1979 New Jewell Movement New Joint Endeavor for Welfare, Education, and
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LO-15 AFP Reagan - Ronald Reagan 1981-1988 LO-15 General...

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