usfopo913 - Regional Hegemony and Global Power1865-1895 In...

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Unformatted text preview: Regional Hegemony and Global Power1865-1895 In the middle of Industrial Revolution in 1865 America is a trading nation Constraints on trade played a role in American Revolution By 2 nd ½ 19 th century = trade seemed more important then ever American Industry becoming increasingly productive Industrial revolution well underway Produces more than US market could consume Resultant decline in prices made American goods less expensive on world market Though exports only represent small % of the GNP 6-7% key sectors of the American economy came to rely on foreign sales Economic concerns: *Failure to export surplus production might lead to economic decline *Europeans carving up rest of the world with prospect of limiting American trade Why Trade was important – The American View Exports mean increased profits Exports might relieve social unrest at home caused by overproduction and unemployment Foreign trade went hand in hand with missionary work to promote “civilization” Economic expansions would create a more hospitable world Economic ties could enhance political influence Foreign trade would enhance American pride Results of Concerns and Beliefs Expansion of the American Navy To protect commerce and ensure that foreigners don’t endanger American merchants, property, investments, trade To sustain navy need coaling/fueling stations Alfred Thayer Mahan Late 1870s Nation’s greatest depends on its sea power 2 measures of nation’s greatness victory in war, vigorous foreign trade, both depend on efficient and strong navy ships require fueling stations and colonies which would further enhance foreign commerce and national power greatness requires colonies; colonies beget a great nations US could not stand aloof from the international race for greatness Impact of Mahan on Navy 1893: US ranked 7 th , 1900 6 th US interest in global commercial expansion greatly increased 1867 purchased Alaska but some in Congress opposed “frozen wasteland”...
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usfopo913 - Regional Hegemony and Global Power1865-1895 In...

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