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Spainish (1779) + French against BR = Treaty of Aranjuez Spanish refuse formal Alliance with America War ends and a treaty with UK pursued Defeat at Yorktown (1781) leads BR to pursue peace Preliminary treaty Comprehensive treaty 1783 Acknowledged freedom + independence of colonies Independent Negs with BR could have resulted in rupture of good relations with France Wisdom of France for Min Comte de Vergennes saved day Plus clever diplomacy on part of Ben Franklin *in their best interest to do this, if don’t maybe concerns they have will be heightened so want to get it done * But ball in Franklin’s court with touch of praise Non-threatening, not wound America’s pride Left proposal and selection of options up to America Helped refocus French to weaken British, increase strength relative to Britain America survived first bout with Political Entanglements
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Unformatted text preview: By ignoring provisions of treaty Pragmatism over ideals Developing Economically Model Treaty: freedom of seas (essential for commercial expansion), liberal approaches to trading with belligerents, liberal approaches to contraband goods. Most concerned with trade -> profit Securing borders: hoped to secure Canada, wanted room to grow. Not be constrained by “fencing in” America Desire to be seen as an equal: Representatives treated poorly in courts of Kings of Europe Spain refused to receive John Jay Spied upon, mail was read, not received in 2&1/2 year stay Didn’t want to be involved in conflict 4 objectives regularly surface as America grows as a nation Generally optimistic at end of Revolutionary War ½ territory lay across Appalachains...
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