EAS Chapter 1 Vocabulary - Chapter 1 Vocab EAS Chapter 1...

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Chapter 1 Vocab EAS Chapter 1 Vocabulary - Acid Rain: acidic rainwater produced when various acids, including sulfuric acid produced from SO 2 oxidation, combine with natural rainwater - Anthropogenic: human induced - Atmosphere: the thin envelope of gases that surrounds most planets; one of the four major components of the Earth System - Biodiversity: the variety of life forms, for example, the number of species in an area - Biota: all living organisms - Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ): a gas containing one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms that is one of the two primary greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere (the other one being water vapor) - Cholorfluorocarbons: synthetic compounds containing chlorine, fluorine, and carbon. These gases, also called freons, contribute to the greenhouse effect and are harmful to the ozone layer - Core: the central part of a planet or the sun. Earth’s core – one of the three components of solid Earth – is dense, is composed mostly of metallic iron and nickel and has a solid inner and a liquid outer part - Crust: the thin, outer layer of the solid Earth; consists of light, rocky matter that is in contact with the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biota - Deforestation: clearing of all trees off an area of land
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EAS Chapter 1 Vocabulary - Chapter 1 Vocab EAS Chapter 1...

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