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3 - in restrictive regimes Enhance broad participation so...

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Role of Private Corporations * The state alone cannot filter the Internet * In case after case, states have turned to private parties to carry out censorship and surveillance * Internet service providers, universities, cybercafé owners, email providers, search engines, hosting companies, web 2.0 services all get pulled into the act. How are these companies regulated? * local law/practice/norms (including Law enforcement, business regs; legal/extralegal threats) * technology * home state/nation law * international bill of human rights * company values What determines who they listen to? * legal jurisdiction * presence on the ground (people, assets) * strength of response GNI: Primary goals of the Initiative * Provide direction and guidance *Strengthen efforts to work with governments and challenge them where appropriate; inform public policy in a positive, rights-enhancing way * Improve company behavior, process and internal decision making * Promote transparency with the public, educate users about their rights (and the risks they face, particularly
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Unformatted text preview: in restrictive regimes) * Enhance broad participation so this becomes global standard * Have Impact Company Commitments 1) Even for the most revolutionary global communication technology, geography and governmental coercion retain fundamental importance 2) the internet is splitting apart and becoming bordered. Far from flattening the world, the Internet – its language, its content, its norms – is conforming to local conditions 3) Contrary to what many expect, the geographically bordered internet has many underappreciated virtues Cross Boarder Cooperation 1) nations that want to control internet communications that originate abroad sometimes need to cooperate with other nations 2) many net controversies are transforming into disputes among nations and classic problems of international relations. Whether the issue is online gambling, domain name governance, privacy Regional Example: European Directive Privacy Law...
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