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Chapter 3: Collision at Cajamarca Biggest population shift of modern times: colonization of the New World and resulting conquest, numerical reduction (complete disappearance) of Native Americans * Complex agricultural societies appeared south of entry -> development in complete isolation from societies of old world * Contacts between New World and Asia: hunter-gatherers living on opposite sides of Bering Strait and inferred transpacific voyage from South America to Polynesia * 1492: Columbus “discovery” Caribbean islands: first Old World, New world collision Most dramatic experience: encounter with Inca emperor Atahuallpa and Spanish Pizarro at Cajamarca * Pizarro had 168 soldiers vs. Atahuallpa’s 80,000 * Pizarro captured Atahuallpa within minutes, held prisoner for 8 months, got ransom of gold, executed Atahuallpa * Atahuallpa viewed as sungod * Months till death, Pizarro dispatched exploring parties, sent reinforcements from Panama * Fighting commenced = formidable Marking decisive in greatest collision modern history
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