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Global Warming Lecture 1

Global Warming Lecture 1 - 2 is Increasing Present value of...

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Global Warming Lecture 1 Dire Predictions vs. Why we disagree about Climate Change “The IPCC – which arguably first introduced the physical reality of climate change into these social worlds – has constructed and presented a powerful scientific consensus about a physical transformation of the world’s climate. This is a reality I believe it… Science may be solving the mysteries of climate, but it is not helping us discover the meaning of climate change.” – Mile Hulme Global Temperature is on the Rise .6 degrees C +/- .2 degrees C in the past century .17 degrees C/ decade over last 30 years According to NASA GISS Temperature Does Not Increase at Same Rate Everywhere 2001-2007 Global Mean, 0.54 degree C Temperature is increasing 2-4 times faster than global mean in Arctic And Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO
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Unformatted text preview: 2 ) is Increasing Present value of 392 parts per million (ppm). This is higher than what Earth has experienced in over at least 1 million years. A Climate Change “Fingerprint”: Melting of Sea Ice and Glaciers Polar bears and affects on their habitat Arctic Ice Mass Space Imaging 2007 Smallest Fall Sea Ice Extent Seasonal variations, standard deviations Melting of Greenland Glaciers Glaciers cave off or slide toward ocean Formation of “moulins” that lubricate basis Warming and Melting Cause Rising Global Sea Level Global sea level up about 20 cm over last 120 years 3.2 mm/year since 1992 ½ - 2/3 from thermal expansion and rest from melting glaciers Sea level will continue to increase to close to 1, faster than IPPC report anticipated...
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