October 4 - October 4 2010 The Phaistos Disk Either an...

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October 4, 2010 The Phaistos Disk * Either an indigenous Cretan script or a foreign import * Dated at 1700 BC * Next printing efforts 2,500 years later in China and 3,100 years later in medieval Europe * By far the earliest printed document in the world A Critique of Diamond: The Wealth and Poverty of Nations by David S. Landes * Politics * Religion * Society * Technology * Markets * Geography Adam Smith: 1776 * Technological Innovation encouraged by: - Division of labor - Widening market * How do these properties relate to those of the state according to Diamond? Innovation: A Continent a Person a Society a State a Market? * Hero theory: technological advances come from a few rare geniuses * Society theory: matter of receptivity of whole societies to innovation * State theory: science and technology policy, education system, labor, and trade Important Middle Ages Technologies * Water wheel * Eve glasses * Mechanical clock * Printing * Gunpowder Water Wheel * Revived in 10 th Century * By 1086 England had 5,600 water mills * Improved by dams and ponds * Cranks and toothed gears made possible - Change direction - Power at a distance - Rotary and reciprocal motion * Applications: - Grinding grain - Hammering metal - Rolling and drawing sheet metal and wire - Mashing hops for beer - Pulping rags for paper - Fulling (pounding) cloth * Transformed the wool industry * “Paper, which was manufactured by hand and foot for a thousand years or so following its invention by the Chinese and adoption by the Arabs was manufactured mechanically as soon as it reached medieval Europe in the 13
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October 4 - October 4 2010 The Phaistos Disk Either an...

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