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October 11, 2010 John Perry Barlow * The Internet Manifesto * We = Internet users (virtual/digital version of ourselves) * You = the government (the state in their clumsy, pre-net physical and geographical presence) Larry Lessig * Sousa: how a technological invention that may possibly restrict creativity * When you own a bit of land, it extends infinitively into the sky - Then airplanes were invented and crossed over “private property” - Laws must adapt and grow as technology is invented and brought onto the market
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Unformatted text preview: Benjamin Barber * Pangloss, Pandora, or Jefferson? Three Scenarios for the Future of Technology and Democracy * Goldsmith and wu * even for the most revolutionary global communication technology, geography, and governmental coercion retain fundamental importance * the internet is splitting apart and becoming bordered. Gar from flattening the world, the in...
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