CHEM NOTES - sec)= …… Isotopes Different number...

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RELEARN METRIC CONVERSIONS!!!! (table not given on tests), READ CH 2 Chem notes 8/26/11 K=deg C+273.15 C= 5/9 (F-32) F= 9/5 C+32 Scientific notation: -All numbers other than 0 are significant -583 has 3 sig figs -zeros in front of nonzero digits are NOT SIGNIFICANT (.00007 had 1 sig fig) -zeros at end of a number and right to decimal are significant. - zeros between other sig figs are significant -for addition and subtraction, it’s the fewest numbers after the decimal Dimensional Analysis: - it is on average 96 mil miles from the sun to the earth. With light traveling at 2.99x10^8 m/s, how many mins does it take for light to travel from sun to earth? (1km=.621 mi) (1mi=1.6093 km) - (96x10^6/1)(1.6093km/ 1 mi)(1000 m/1 km)(1 sec/ 2.99x10^8 m/s)(1 min/ 60
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Unformatted text preview: sec)= ……. Isotopes: Different number neutrons Average mass= ATOMIC WEIGHT Question 1: Lithium has two stable isotopes with masses of 6.01512 u and 7.01600 u. what is the percent abundance of each isotope respectively. Percent abundance=(%*amu)+(%*amu)=avg amu (A)(6.01512amu)+(B)(7.01600)= 6.941 A+B=100% ,A=1-B NOMENCLATURE: Ionic compound- METAL+NONMETAL (held together by electrostatic forces, they are constant repeating units) Molecular compound(Covalent)- NONMETAL+NONMETAL Cation:+ Anion:-LOOK AT CH 2 TABLES (pg 55 Multi-valent are transition metals, the anion will tell you the charge. *remember that it can be reduced……EX: CuS (Cu is 2+, S is 2-) GO OVER ACIDS...
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CHEM NOTES - sec)= …… Isotopes Different number...

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