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Opening Statement Arriving at the truth is a journey we will take one step at a time. Although the prosecution has painted a very nice picture of the nice day that Mr. Slugger and his family attended a baseball game, we, the defense, are here to tell you that the outcome of the day is no one but the plaintiff’s own fault. As stated in the case brief, Mr. Slugger was an avid baseball fan that was quite familiar with the game and the risks associated. As soon as Mr. Slugger purchased his ticket and chose to sit in a seat unprotected by the screen, our clients were no longer liable for any injury that happened. Before objections even enter your mind, our defense team will prove that this is the crystal clear, undisputed truth evidenced primarily by the baseball rule and the principle of assumption of risk. The baseball rule states that “The owner or operator of a baseball facility shall not be liable for any injury to the person or property of any person
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