Explain your answer wattjs 1 solution the total solar

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Unformatted text preview: xplain your answer. Watt=Js-1. Solution: The total solar flux into the lake is Flux = 10000m2 500Wm!2 = 5 " 106W = 5MWatts ( )( Thermal efficiency = ) TH ! TL 20 = = 0.067 TH 298 )( ) Maximum Theoretical Output = 0.067 5 " 106W = 0.34 MW ( The claim is the engine can output on average 1MWatt. This does not violate the First Law because the average output of energy does not exceed the solar flux. But the proposed output assumes a thermal efficiency of 20%, which is more than three times the thermal efficiency designated by the Second Law. I...
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