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TEST 1 2009 VERSION A page 1 PSYCHOLOGY 209A FUNDAMENTALS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH FALL 2009 TEST 1 (35 points) THIS IS VERSION A KEEP YOUR ANSWER SHEET COVERED ONLY the mark-sense answer sheet will be graded so you must mark your answers on the mark- sense sheet. Be sure to bubble in the VERSION of the test. Use a number 2 pencil. To keep a record of your answers, circle them on this question sheet and save it for later use. SELECT THE SINGLE BEST ANSWER to each question . 1. Amber and Zeke are writing an APA format research report for their lab class. They have completed the method section. Which section should appear next in the report? a. references b. abstract c. discussion d. introduction e. results 2. What does the letter X stand for in the table below? TRUE STATE OF THE WORLD (Reality) RESEARCHER'S DECISION NULL is false NULL is true Reject null . Fail to reject null X a. Correct b. Type I Error c. Type II Error d. Type III Error 3. What is the median for the following five scores: 1 5 2 5 7 a. 2 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6 e. none of the other answers THE PARAGRAPH BELOW GOES WITH QUESTIONS 4 AND 5 Researchers ask participants to listen to a tape of a rambling, dull conversation and record the names of people mentioned in the conversation. Researchers randomly assign half the participants to doodle (fill in shapes) while listening. The remaining participants were not asked to doodle. The doodling group received better memory scores than the not-doodling group on a surprise memory test given after participants finished listening to the tape. 4. This research is an example of a: a. true experiment b. natural groups experiment c. correlational study d. true-mixed experiment (P x E) 5. The dependent variable in this study is: a. the researchers b. doodling versus not doodling c. filling in shapes d. scores on a surprise memory test e. tape of a rambling dull conversation
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TEST 1 2009 VERSION A page 2 6. If researchers select an alpha level of .05 rather than an alpha level of .01, they increase the chance of making: a. a Type I error b. a Type II error c. both Type I and Type II errors 7. Claiming causality requires ruling out plausible alternative explanations and: a. mundane realism, serendipity and affirming the consequent b. a theoretical structure, serendipity, and a time-order sequence c. theoretical structure, covariation, and a time-order sequence d covariation, a time-order sequence, and affirming the consequent 8. You have read a research article written by Leona Dondi, Libby Huber, Jeremy Luk, and Martin Ryan in 2009. Which answer illustrates a proper APA format to use to cite the article the second time it is mentioned (in a new paragraph) in the body of the paper that you are writing? a. Dondi et al. (2009) reported …
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Practice Exam 1 2009 - TEST 1 2009 VERSION A page 1...

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