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TEST 2 Version A 2009 Page 1 PSYCHOLOGY 209A FUNDAMENTALS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH FALL 2009 TEST 2 THIS IS VERSION A KEEP YOUR ANSWER SHEET COVERED ONLY the mark-sense answer sheet will be graded so you must mark your answers on the mark- sense sheet. Be sure to bubble in the VERSION of the test. Use a number 2 pencil. To keep a record of your answers, circle them on this question sheet and save it for later use. SELECT THE SINGLE BEST ANSWER to each question . 1. Zeke and Rosie are writing an APA format research report for their lab class. They have completed writing the results section. Which section should appear next in the report? a. references b. abstract c. methods d. introduction e. discussion 2. Researchers reject the null hypothesis. The REAL STATE OF THE WORLD is that there is a difference between conditions. This situation is an example of a: a. Type I error b. Type II error c. correct decision 3. A researcher runs an experiment with two factors A and B. Both factors have two levels. A has WITHIN subject assignment and B has BETWEEN subject assignment. The design is shown below. A1 A2 B1 A1B1 A2B1 B2 A1B2 A2B2 A participant has completed condition A2B1 . What other condition(s) should the participant complete? a. All the rest of the conditions b. None. This participant only needed to do one condition c. A1B2 d. A2B2 e. A1B1 4. A researcher who is interested in the influence of imagery on memory randomly assigns participants to learn paired associates with 1) imagery practice, or 2) rote practice. Two testing rooms are available. She assigns the Imagery condition to the Green room and the Rote condition to the Blue room. Two 499 students are helping (Joy and Justin). Joy runs half the participants in each condition and Justin runs half the participants in each condition. In this experiment_________ is an extraneous variable but NOT a confounded variable. a. Imagery versus rote b. Joy versus Justin c. Blue room versus Green room 5. A 2 x 3 x 4 factorial has ___ independent variables and ___ conditions (cells). a. 3 / 9 b. 3 / 24 c. 9 / 9 d. 2 / 9 e. 9 / 24 6. A researcher is comparing two separate conditions: driving 10 minutes in a driving simulator alone with no cell phone use and driving 10 minutes in a driving simulator while talking on a cell phone. The researcher uses a within subjects design and Reverse Counterbalancing to control for order effects. Suppose that a participant has completed 1) driving without cell phone and then 2) driving with a cell phone. What should the participant do next? a. Nothing. The participant is done b. Driving alone c. Driving with cell phone
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TEST 2 Version A 2009 Page 2 7. Suppose there is a high positive correlation between reading speed and reading comprehension. You suspect that IQ is a potential third variable. You complete a partial correlation procedure and, with IQ controlled statistically, the high correlation between reading speed and comprehension virtually disappears. What should you conclude?
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  • Statistical hypothesis testing, Randomness, Type I and type II errors, Correlation and dependence, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient

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Practice Exam 2A 2009 - TEST 2 Version A 2009 Page 1...

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