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Week 4 Slides_Th 4-21 - Week 4 Mysteries of the Dark...

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Week 4: Mysteries of the Dark: Central & Southern Africa Thur April 21, 2011 (Class Canceled Tu April 19) The “Banana Revolution” in Equatorial Africa People/ Places/ Terms John Hanning Speke Richard Francis Burton Lake Tanganyika Lake Nyanza/Victoria Lake Plateau Region Equatorial Africa Bark Cloth Kingdoms/States of Equatorial Africa Uganda Bunyoro Congo Lunda Luba Lozi Malawi Hamitic Myth Tsetse Fly Banana Revoluton Outline I. Central Africa as a Region II. The “Hamitic Myth” III. What We Can Learn from Words and Pots
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I then sailed from the city of Maqdashaw, making for the country of the Sawahil, with the object of visiting the city of Kulwa in the land of the Zinj people. We came to the island of Mambasa, a large island two days’ journey by sea from the Sawahil country. It has no mainland territory, and its trees are the banana , the lemon, and the citron….The inhabitants of the island sow no grain, and it has to be transported to them from the Sawahil. Their food consists mostly of bananas and fish . They are Shafiites in rite, pious, honourable, and upright, and their mosques are of wood, admirably constructed. We stayed one night in this island and sailed on to the city of Kulwa, a large city on the seacoast, most of whose inhabitants are Zinj, jet-black in colour. They have tattoo marks on their faces, just as [there are] on the faces of the Limis of Janawa. I was told by a merchant that the city of Sufala lies at a distance of half a month’s journey from the city of Kulwa, and that between Sufala and Yufi, in the country of the Limis, is a month’s journey; from Yufi gold dust is brought to Sufala.
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