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Updated: 11/15/06 Everything you want to know about UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH Why do undergraduate research? There is no better way to prepare oneself for work or graduate study in the sciences than to do undergraduate research. The experience will increase your understanding of the scientific method, help you understand more about how previous researchers discovered the information in your textbooks, and how to read and evaluate scientific journal articles. If you are considering a career in research, it will help you decide whether you truly want to be a researcher, whether you would enjoy having scientists as colleagues, and help you choose between research areas. It also helps you build a "portfolio" to give an indication of your abilities and experience. And, because you will be working closely with one or two professors/researchers, this is a good opportunity for future letters of recommendation. What will I be doing? Doing undergraduate research for credit is based on an individual agreement between you and the professor, so the actual arrangement varies. The experience is designed to teach students how and why experiments are done and to let them feel the excitement of seeing results. More advanced students design their own research project, but the majority work alongside a faculty researcher or graduate student on an on-going project. To gain a good sense of the scientific research method, it is good if you work on a specific project with a specific hypothesis, read original scientific papers related to the research topic, perform experiments, perform data analysis or at least discuss data analysis with your sponsor, and write a report. When should I start? Many students do undergraduate research in their senior year, but you can start at any time. If you are interested in graduate school it is good to start in your junior year, after you have taken introductory biology and organic chemistry. This will give you time to complete some research before you begin applying to graduate school. If you are very interested in research and would like to start earlier, you are welcome to approach faculty at any time you wish. If you are still taking general and organic chemistry
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Undergrad_Research-Everything_you_want _to_know -...

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