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Consumer Behavior - MKT 3350 Semester Group Project Spring 2012 The purpose of this project is for you to apply the consumer behavior concepts covered in this course to a real-world marketing problem. The assignment for each team is to prepare a paper, of at least 15 double-spaced pages (using APA manuscript style), where you identify the relevance of consumer behavior to an industry or company of your choice. You are encouraged to include additional pages of tables, figures, or other supplemental materials. Both secondary and primary research will be required. You will also present your project to the class in the format of a 20-minute oral presentation. Your grade for the assignment will be worth 150 points. The written paper will be worth 130 points and the presentation will be worth 20 points. Instructions: Using sources such as Fortune , Business Week , the Wall Street Journal, etc., identify a current marketing issue related to a consumer product or service. The aim is to analyze the consumer behavior inherent in a real-world situation and develop marketing recommendations based on your analysis. Marketing Problem You must first identify the key marketing problem to be addressed in your project. It is important to be specific in your problem definition (e.g., Is the problem one of declining sales revenue, consumer awareness, retaining loyal customers, attracting new market segments globally?) Consumer Behavior Issues
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Group+Project+Spring+2012 - Consumer Behavior - MKT 3350...

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