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. A cross sectional study was used to study a total of 437 subjects with CHD. The subjects were randomly split into two groups, one with a diet high in levels of plant omega-3 fatty acids (ALA), and one with a diet low in ALA. The patients were given no specific recommendations regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Daily ethanol intake, expressed as percentage of total energy, was calculated and the levels of plant and marine omega-3 fatty acids were carefully watched in both groups. The trial lasted for 27 months. In both groups, most of the
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Unformatted text preview: ethanol consumed by the subjects came from wine; in the low ALA group, wine ethanol represented 88%, while in the high ALA group wine ethanol represented 95%. The patients in each group were categorized into one of four quartiles according to their ethanol consumption, which was measured as energy converted to a percent contribution to the total energy intake. Due to the small number of women in the study, who were not equally distributed throughout the four quartiles, female patients were entirely excluded from the study, leaving 353 male patients...
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