10 - VEN 3 Lecture 10 Announcements These are the notes for...

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VEN 3 Lecture 10 Announcements: These are the notes for both Thursday, April 28, as well as Tuesday, May 3, since Professor Adams split the class into two due to the vineyard tours that were supposed to be scheduled, so the lectures for both days are essentially the same. (He sent out a e-mail regarding this) Upcoming Midterm: Thursday, May 5 Previous Lecture: The previous lecture was about California history, and its role in contributing to viticulture and enology. Key people that helped promote winemaking in California, as well as California wines were introduced. Professor Adams also discussed the University of California’s vital role in improving wine making technology and discovering better techniques to creating higher quality wine. Wine and Health I. Wine in Ancient Times A. moderate wine consumption recommended for health B. wine was commonly used as a medicine II. Wine as Food A. most of the calories come from the alcohol B. wine is a way to preserve sugar calories over a year’s time C. sweet wines have additional calories D. ethanol : 7 calories/gram a. cannot be stored in the body b. ethanol calories burned first into CO2 + water
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10 - VEN 3 Lecture 10 Announcements These are the notes for...

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