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lecture 1 notes - amongst people today 2. Also can be art,...

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VEN 3 Lecture 1 Wine as an Academic Subject I. Wine is a Subject of A. Engineering 1. The application of biology, chemistry, physics to the design/operation of wineries 2. Process control/ Waste management B. Medicine 1. Alcoholism 2. Fetal alcohol syndrome 3. Health benefits C. Chemistry 1. Natural products, aging process, stability D. Sociology 1. Alcohol abuse 2. Rural traditions, religion 3. Agricultural labor E. Geography 1. Physical : areas different types of grapes originate from 2. Cultural : Wine and food traditions F. Law 1. Laws regulating wine production (regulatory/labor law), processing, and shipment/dispersement (domestic/international law) G. Economics H. History and much more 1. History of the discovery of wine, it’s role in different ancient cultures and
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Unformatted text preview: amongst people today 2. Also can be art, literature, art, music, and so many more academic subjects II. Wine Production A. Used to be France, but now the USA produces the most amount of wine in the world 1. California makes 90% of the wine in the US III. UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology A. 16 faculty members 1. grapevine genetics, physiology, biochemistry 2. Yeast genetics, physiology, biochemistry 3. Natural products chemistry 4. Flavor chemistry 5. Chemical engineering C. Degrees 1. Bachelors of Science in viticulture and enology 2. Masters/Ph.D IV. Viticulture and Enology A. Wine: beverage that results from the fermentation of grapes by yeast VEN 3 Lecture 1 1. *beverages fermented from other fruits are labeled with the fruit name ex. “blackberry wine”...
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lecture 1 notes - amongst people today 2. Also can be art,...

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