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What does communication style mean to you? How does your communication style change with friends, family, classmates, and instructors? To me communication style means how people communicate with each other, there are many different ways and styles people use. For instance there is professional, this style is formal and to the point, academic which would be similar to professional but a little more personal, and then there is casual, this is how most of us would communicate with our family and friends
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Unformatted text preview: informal, very personal and more than likely some slang thrown in there. My communication style, as with most people, changes a lot depending on who I am talking to. For me a lot of my communication with friends is done through text message and that is very informal, full of slang, and also on a totally personal level. With family it is usually over the phone or in person and is much like how I communicate with friends. With an instructor I would use more of an academic and professional style....
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