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How do you think the mode of communication—written, verbal, or electronic—influences the interpretation of a message? I think mode of communication greatly influences the interpretation of a message. Face to face verbal communication is the best way to get exactly what you mean understood in most cases because you have body language, facial expression, and tone of voice to help you understand what is really being said. Over the phone is also effective considering that you still have tone of voice to go by even though you cannot see the person you are talking to tone of voice can go a long ways it is usually pretty easy to tell if someone is happy or upset by their
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Unformatted text preview: tone of voice. However, I think electronic can easily be misinterpreted especially if you tend to be a sarcastic person, then that can cause a lot of hurt feelings. Written communication, such as in a letter or note can also be hard to interpret since you don’t have any emotion from the other person to go by. In both electronic and written communication two of the biggest helps to get the intended message across, in my opinion, would be punctuation and by thinking of who the message is going to and how they may interpret what you are trying to say....
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