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Select four terms related to networking and define them in your own words. Some common terms related to networking would be terms like LAN, network connection method i.e. Ethernet or optic fiber, routers, and terms like intranet, extranet or internet. LAN which stands for Local Area Network is a network that covers a small area like your home or office and is connected by hard-line via Ethernet cables or cables of another type. The advantage LAN has is in its small area of coverage, it allows a greater connection rate. Ethernet is usually the most common type of connection that you see involved with networks. Ethernet is a frame (set information) based technology that is used to connection each individual pc together to form the network.
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Unformatted text preview: Routers build the foundation of a network. While you can hook a pc directly into another, a network involves several PCs, so an interface that allows mi/mo (multi input/multi output) is necessary to bring all these PCs' together be it wired, wireless or both. Another advantage to networked computers in a home or office is the ability to make use of private data transfers and what we call intranet. Intranet is like closed off internet that is monitored by an administrator and given to organizations or business to help direct employees and update the local information. Intranet is a great way to share information across a small or closed group of people across a given network....
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