Week 2 Assignment- Appendix D- LAN Topologies

Week 2 Assignment- Appendix D- LAN Topologies - d. Star All...

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Appendix D 11. Your network consists of four servers. Each server has three NICs. Server A is connected to servers B, C, and D. Server B is attached to C and D. Server C is attached to server D. No hub is used. All cabling is CAT 3 UTP crossover cables. What is your physical topology? a. Star b. Bus c. Ring d. Mesh This network is a mesh topology since the way the servers connect form a mesh design. It is also mesh topology since all the servers are connected to one another through CAT3 UTP crossover cables. 12. Your network consists of a 24-port bridge, two servers, and 15 workstations. Each computer interfaces 1
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Appendix D with the bridge using its own segment of CAT 5 twisted-pair cable, which is terminated at both ends with RJ-45 connectors. What type of physical topology do you have? a. Mesh b. Bus c. Ring
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Unformatted text preview: d. Star All the workstations are connected directly to the 24-port bridge, which in returns forms a star topology. Since all the components are connected to one central component (24-port Bridge) it forms a star. 13. Your networks physical topology is that of a star configuration. From time to time, each workstation will hold a packet called a token, during which time it will transmit data and then pass the token along to the next workstation. What is the logical topology of your network? a. Bus b. Star c. Mesh d. Ring The way I set this network up is that every ring has five workstations. There are three rings total. Each ring connects to a hub to form a star. The hub is then connected to a Bridge which then is connected to the two servers. 2 Appendix D 3...
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Week 2 Assignment- Appendix D- LAN Topologies - d. Star All...

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