Week 3 Checkpoint- Network Consultant Scenario

Week 3 Checkpoint- Network Consultant Scenario - response...

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Running head: NETWORK CONSULTANT SCENARIO 1 Network Consultant Scenario Stephen D, James IT 240 Jennifer Gonzales September 9, 2011 University of Phoenix (Axia College)
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NETWORK CONSULTANT SCENARIO 2 Network Consultant Scenario A multimedia development firm is anticipating a moderate growth and I believe a star topology will be great for the company and easy to expand, if needed. A star topology is a great and clear choice for the company. The company currently has in place an Ethernet network that has a bandwidth of 10Mbps. What we are looking for is a bandwidth of 100Mbps and in order to make that happen we need to install a 100BaseTX network. In order for the network to perform at its desired speeds, changes will need to be made. Upgrading the network interface cards and installing CAT 5 UTP will be needed to achieve the desired results. First, it will be helpful to increase the RAM on the server which will allow quicker
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Unformatted text preview: response times. I believe that without the RAM upgrade, the server will not be able to perform and handle the needs of the company. So, we must upgrade the RAM, which will allow the data to be transferred at a greater speed which allows more activities for the clients at once. Second, consideration should be given to the existing hub in the company. If the hub is just a regular hub, then it will have problems supporting the network once it is upgraded. The purchase of an intelligent hub is a must to ensure better performance for the network. Having an upgraded hub ensures that the company will be able to handle the increased bandwidth and demands on the network. If a standard hub is used, then it can cause several problems for the company, such as data collisions. NETWORK CONSULTANT SCENARIO 3 Reference Regan, P. (2004). Local area networks. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc....
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Week 3 Checkpoint- Network Consultant Scenario - response...

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