Week 4- Appendix E

Week 4- Appendix E - the top None IT 240#81 The router at...

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Axia College Material Appendix E TCP/IP Network Planning Table Read questions 80 and 81 on pp. 274-275 of the text. Identify the problems with the TCP/IP network in each scenario and complete the table. Explain your answer for each of the scenarios. Scenario Problem Explanation of proposed solution Resources needed #80 The PC with IP’s and is on two different networks and can only connect to one network at a time. Take the PC off of the hub (I’m considering it a hub since it does not have an IP address) and change the default gateway IP’s on both the star and ring networks to go to the router at
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Unformatted text preview: the top. None IT 240 #81 The router at the bottom of the diagram is not needed. It is unnecessary and only causes delay in network speed. Remove the router and connect the bus topology to the top router. The top router should supply new IP address automatically depending on the router OS. The only resource needed would be a router with more than three ports, assuming the router in the diagram only has three ports as shown. Possibly some longer Cat5 cable will be needed to reach the bus network depending on where it is physically located. IT 240...
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Week 4- Appendix E - the top None IT 240#81 The router at...

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