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Read the scenario in question 6 on p. 290 of the text. Select your answer, then discuss the type of protocol you would use in this situation. Give an argument about why you feel it would be the best solution. My answer would have to be option A (A NetWare server on the same segment). The reason is that each network segment has a NetWare server on it; also, the server on the same segment will respond to the GNS request and the NetWare server will respond to the request. There is no option for a NetWare router which will currently answer the request if a NetWare
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Unformatted text preview: server did not exist on the segment. IPX protocol was created and designed to use both NSPL and the RIP. RIP is much easier to deal with and use, so I would choose the RIP protocol. RIP broadcasts IPX routing tables to all current IPX routers on the network. By doing so it usually results on a better and more reliable network. Reference Regan, P. (2004). IPX, NetBIOS, and AppleTalk Protocols. In P. Regan, Local Area Networks (pp. 280-281). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc....
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