Week 6- Appendix F

Week 6- Appendix F - on the same computer COM Work groups...

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Axia College Material Appendix F Vocabulary Table Define five of the key terms listed in the Vocabulary Table. Term Definition Windows Processor RAM ROM Drives A device that is used to write data or a device that reads data from a storage lo c ation . Video systems Pointing devices It can be an input device such as a mouse, trackball or a joystick that one person can control or move a cursor on a GUI . Network card User mode Kernel mode I/O manager Process manager IPC manager Power manager Windows manager The windows manager controls the window display, receives input from devices such as the mouse and keyboard, and manages the screen output. Object manager Device driver FAT An easy, reliable, and simple file system that requires minimal memory. FAT32 NTFS CDFS Volumes IPC LPC LPC is used to move information among applications
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Unformatted text preview: on the same computer. COM Work groups Windows NT Domain A logical unit of computers and network resources that IT 240 describe a security boundary. D omain s are usually on medium to large size networks or a network that involves and requires a security atmosphere. The four domain models Active directory OU Objects Schema Forest Forest is one or more trees that are connected by two-way, trust relationships that can allow the user to control resources on another domain or tree. User group Group accounts Home directories User profiles Global groups Universal groups Policies Rights and permissions Client software TCP/IP IPCONFIG Share permissions Event viewer IT 240...
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Week 6- Appendix F - on the same computer COM Work groups...

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