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week 9 capstone - to get a job in networking but have...

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Reflecting on what you have learned, would you feel comfortable setting up a local area network? Why or why not? I have learned tons from this class. I thought I knew more about networking than I really did. I have a new found respect for an IP address and subnet mask. I have setup a few small home networks wired and wireless and always thought it was a breeze, but I never knew what was truly involved. I have always been fascinated with connecting computers and communicating between them, but I never knew how that was truly accomplished. I would like
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Unformatted text preview: to get a job in networking but have realized I still have more to learn and will take time and pleasure in gaining as much knowledge as I can. I believe I can successfully setup a small LAN with a handful of users, but anything larger would prove to be difficult. I am trying at home to setup a 2nd subnet to set up a domain controller, I can get the computer on the domain to communicate but for some reason I cannot get to the internet. I will keep trying and keep learning and hopefully one day I am successful....
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