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Week 5 DQ 1 - The DSU in the other hand converts the data...

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Identify the functions of a CSU/DSU. How are they used in a corporate environment? A CSU/DSU stands for (Channel Service Unit/Data Service unit). A CSU/DSU is a digital-interface device that is used to connect a Data Terminal Equipment device such as a router to a digital circuit like a T1 line. Digital lines need both the CSU and the DSU which make the design great with offering high speed connections to the internet. The CSU/DSU both operate at the physical layer 1 of the OSI model. CSU and DSU can also be made as different physical products. The CSU is used to provide termination for the digital signal and ensures connection integrity through error correction and line monitoring.
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Unformatted text preview: The DSU in the other hand converts the data that is encoded in the digital circuit into synchronous serial data for connection to a DTE device. The DSU or both of the functions can be included as a part of the interface card that goes into the DTE. If the CSU/DSU is external, the DTE interface is compatible with the V.35 or RS-232C or a very close serial interface. The Wan Interface Card can contain an integrated CSU/DSU that can be inserted into the router slot. Here are some of the functions that CSU/DSU can perform. Maintains and controls the signal strength, frames signals for T1 lines, terminates the line from the telecommunication network and supports back loop tests....
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