Week 6 Assignment- Router and Switch configuration

Week 6 Assignment- Router and Switch configuration -...

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Running head: ROUTER AND SWITCH CONFIGURATION 1 Router and Switch Configuration Stephen D, James IT-242 John Tinney July 31, 2011 University of Phoenix (Axia College)
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ROUTER AND SWITCH CONFIGURATION 2 Router and Switch Configuration Routers and switches are a main key component in any computer network. Connecting them to the network simply is not enough; installation of the routers and switches needs to be done correctly and configured to work properly. In the next paragraphs will be an overview of the correct way to install, setup, and configure the popular Cisco brand of equipment that is meant to be used with the Ethernet standard networking. The popular Cisco switches offer and come equipped with 12-48 and sometimes even more, 10/100 or Gigabit Ethernet ports for routing network traffic to its intended location. Usually a category three, four, or five cable can be used to connect the switch to the workstation. If the switch being used does not have a hub or a switch uplink port, the use of a crossover cable is required for connecting the device to a different hub or switch (Regan, 2004). The network administrators can use the CLI knows as the command-line interface to set up the Cisco switches. In order for someone to access the CLI, the switch’s console port needs to be connected into a computer terminal with a RJ-45 rollover cable and the proper adapter. A program called HyperTerminal should allow access to the switch’s CLI. When done and loaded, the CLI is the main key to the configuring the MAC address table and port security. According to (Regan, 2004), using the CLI to configure the privileged level password and IP settings allows
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Week 6 Assignment- Router and Switch configuration -...

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