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Week 6 Checkpoint- Static or Dynamic

Week 6 Checkpoint- Static or Dynamic - One of the...

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Running head: STATIC OR DYNAMIC 1 Static or Dynamic Stephen D, James IT-242 John Tinney July 29, 2011 University of Phoenix (Axia College)
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STATIC OR DYNAMIC 2 Static or Dynamic I believe the appropriate choice is based on the type of network that is being used. Dynamic routing is where the router communicates with their neighboring routers in which it uses a technique like graph algorithms and they find out the most efficient routes in which to transmit a packet (Regan, 2004). On the other hand, static routing manually decides the routes in which the packets take; this makes this type of routing perfect for small networks. One of the advantages of using static routing is that the routers do not have the overhead of tracing all likely roots even though they are able to just simply use the routes loaded into them.
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Unformatted text preview: One of the disadvantages of static routing is that if any link fails, the entire transmission fails also. The reason being the router is not able to find other existing routes. Overall the static routing is mainly used on small networks where the efficient paths can be determined manually and where the configuration does not modify very often. Dynamic routing is used for larger networks that are supposed to be fault tolerant and where failure can be very costly to the company. One usually has to invest more time and money on dynamic routers compared to the static routers. STATIC OR DYNAMIC 3 Reference Regan, P. (2004). Wide Area Networks. New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc....
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Week 6 Checkpoint- Static or Dynamic - One of the...

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