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How has your perception of WAN technology changed as a result of what you have studied in this course? My perception of WAN technology has definitely expanded as a result of taking and fulfilling this course. In the last nine weeks I have learned how to properly set up and configure switches and routers, as well as many other things. I feel like for this type of class, it would have been a little more helpful if there was an actual classroom with equipment for hands on training so our instructor could have showed us. But I did learn a lot from the reading materials, online research,
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Unformatted text preview: and the assignments that I had to complete each week. Reading and learning about the different types of network lines and the different types of wireless technologies has helped me a lot already, and will continue to be a great advantage for me in the future. I feel like this class prepared me well for my next step in life. Overall I feel more confident now then when I started this class, I believe the only thing missing was the hands on training....
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