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220-1.06 syllabus1 - Fall 2006 MWF 1-3 Block Auditorium...

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Fall 2006 RTVF 220 Prof. Scott Curtis MWF 1-3 Analyzing 1800 Sherman, #108: W 3-5; 1-2249 Block Auditorium Media Texts [email protected] This course is an introduction to the study and structure of film and other media. We will define and ex- amine the expressive and aesthetic power of the basic elements of the moving image. Specifically, the course will investigate, across a variety of different media, modes, and historical periods, the fundament- als of cinematography, especially the shot and its composition; editing; set design and acting styles; sound; and control of space, time, and imagery. We will also discuss narrative, genre, and media spe- cificity. The goal of the course is to acquaint students with a vocabulary specific to film and other media, and to provide students with the critical tools required for formal analysis of the moving image. The teaching assistants for this course are: Alex Bevan ([email protected]) 1800 Sherman #116 Hollis Griffin ([email protected]) 1800 Sherman #116 Cary Jones ([email protected]) 1800 Sherman #116 Margo Miller ([email protected]) 1800 Sherman #116 The text for the course is available at Norris University Bookstore: Film Art: An Introduction , Seventh Edition, by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson The website for this course: https://courses.northwestern.edu/webapps/login Requirements: Participation 15% Quizzes 10% Screening reports 10% Formal analysis (1500 words) 15% Rewrite 25% Final exam 25% Attendance and active participation in lectures and discussion sections are expected. You are required to do the assigned reading before the day under which it is assigned. There will be brief quizzes in the dis-
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220-1.06 syllabus1 - Fall 2006 MWF 1-3 Block Auditorium...

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