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Psychologists attempt to understand and explain human behaviors though the nervous system, nature and nurture, our sense and understanding of the world, our motivation and learning process, and our personality and social skills. Our nature is comprised of the traits we have inherited through our genes. These traits are our potential and limitations. Our nature is physical, social, mental, interest, and effectiveness as a human. Our nurture can be defined as the environmental influence that we are exposed to. Ones environment influence could be a violent intercity or a calm peaceful country side. The interaction between genetic potential, environmental influences and personal choice is what makes each person who they are. Genetic
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Unformatted text preview: potential and environmental influences can be positive or negative but our own personal choices can override the path set out for us. I do not personally believe that biology is destiny because I believe that we all have the ability to make our own personal choice on how to live our lives. For an example even if someone has a genetic potential to do poorly in school and their environmental influences do not encourage them to positively improve their lives that person can still raise above the rest and make a personal choice to go to college and move on to bigger better things....
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