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Week 1 DQ 2 - to help look for the signs of stress I will...

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Important factors to consider when choosing your classes are how employers will view the skills you have developed during your college experience. How will you select classes to develop the skills employers expect? What other activities might you engage in during your college experience to develop these skills? I personally am working on my degree in the field of Associates Arts Information Technology. I chose to take this class in psychology because I feel that to be able to understand what people are thinking and wanting, people should have a better understanding of why and how people react to different situations and circumstances. Stress is largely found in the work place, and if i can have a better understanding on how
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Unformatted text preview: to help look for the signs of stress, I will be much more prepared for dealing with the different situations that I may have to deal with working with many businesses and owners that have very high stress levels. An activity that I am currently engaging in during my college experience to help develop my skills is I am participating in team building activities at my job. These activities will help me learn how to build stronger relationships with future clients and it will also help prepare me for building a good strong team if I ever become an IT supervisor....
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