Week 2 Checkpoint- Skills Assessment Activity

Week 2 Checkpoint- Skills Assessment Activity - person. In...

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Running head: SKILLS ASSESSMENT 1 Skills Assessment Stephen D, James PSY-210 Natasha Barnes August 31, 2011 University of Phoenix (Axia College)
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SKILLS ASSESSMENT 2 Skills Assessment This kind of test can be used at a place of employment in a group setting as an educational practice to assist the associates in comprehending diverse strengths and weaknesses that individuals have. It is my belief that this test is merely trustworthy if it is looked at in a wide continuum. This test cannot fundamentally foresee who would be a more superior member of a staff or employee because nobody will respond in the similar manner all the time. This test should be construed incredibly circumspectly and really must not be taken at face value. It is also my belief that the test is applicable or legitimate to a certain extent. I believe that the legitimacy is looking at the interpersonal interactions in addition to what might or might not compel a
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Unformatted text preview: person. In addition, I suppose that it appears to provide an overall prospect on the individual’s mind-set on how they look at themselves. The disadvantages to this type of test which determines the proficiencies, capabilities and traits, is that an individual has to be completely and wholly truthful when replying to the questions and not just responding in a manner that they believe would be beneficial for personal gain. Additionally, there are individuals who simply do not work well under pressure when it comes to taking a test and it would be difficult to get an accurate evaluation of this type of individual. An advantage to this particular test is that it may show some of the individual’s capabilities and concerns, which in turn could lend a hand in pinpointing if that certain individual is a decent match for a specific position....
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Week 2 Checkpoint- Skills Assessment Activity - person. In...

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